Release v1.16: Introducing The Pit

The v1.16 update adds the first half of The Pit, a dilapidated industrial zone where squatters, outlaws, and revolutionaries hang out.

New Content:

  • 3 new characters to seduce: the Hacker, the Smuggler, and the Biker
  • 8 new scenes that show you the aftermath of the Baron's fall and kick off new storylines.
  • New electrostim equipment. New sissy options.
  • Rebalanced some transformations. Now you can make a build with multiple chances to tease.
  • Vibes can be removed once inserted.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed developer mode crashing on start unless you had a log directory.
  • Fixed pronoun errors when playing with trans men.
  • Fixed the vanishing exe problem by replacing PyInstaller.

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I  think the executble might be missing from the Itch app path  as it opens the folder and I have to open Fleshcult folder and then dubclick PLAY FLESHCULT app.  Just a minor extra step for me atm but since earlier versions booted pretty quickly via the launcher I figured I make you aware all the same

(1 edit)

Yeah, there's no more fleshcult.exe, just a batch file that runs a python program. This should fix problems people were having. I haven't yet found a way to point the itch app to the new launcher (by default it just seems to guess which file to run!), but I'll do some more digging in the next few days.

EDIT: The itch app should now give you a nice launch menu now