February Patreon Reward

What’s New in the February Patreon Release:

  • New character, the Back-Alley Doctor.
  • New equipment: the Shrunken Dicklette.
  • Vibes are now removable, slightly nerfed the lust increase.
  • Retractable Claws and the Flesh-Woven Cloak now give you extra chances to Tease.
  • Fixed bug where a message said The Pit was unlocked at the same time as Old Town. That was incorrect: to visit The Pit, you have to defeat the Baron first.
  • Somewhat more explicit hinting about how to beat the Baron (check that merging tome!)
  • Fixed invasions conking out early.
  • Fixed seams during meter animations.

Right, right, Patreon stuff, but where’s the free update, I hear you ask? I want to spend another week or so to finally replace PyInstaller, the program I use to convert my Python code into an executable. My hope is this will get rid of anti-virus false positives once and for all.

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